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To contact us please send email to [email protected] or please call our Hot Line number +8801400400770 or fill up the below form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We are available on FaceBook, Tweeter, LinkedIn and on Instagram,  We appreciate your quarries and all types of feedback from our clients. 

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Please contact us for the following product & services. ERP Solutions. ERP System. Direct integration. Database integration. Custom–Integration. Solutions. Two-Tier ERP Software and Hardware. Software Development. ERP. System. Spiral Development. Other high-level software project methodologies. Digitalization & Installation (Digital Art & Setup). Digital Art Or Digitization. Installation (Setup).Integrated Management System (IMS). An integrated management system. Knowledge and Technology Transfer. Personalization. Codification. Knowledge and Technology. Lab Installation. Lab Setup & Management. Lab Design & Maintenance. Lab Closeout & Decontamination. MIS Development. Management Information System. MIS Systems Analysis and Design. System analysis. Management System design. MIS Object Oriented Analysis and Design. Risk Management and Multi-Objective Decision Making. Bow-tie Method Software Development. Office Automation. ITES Consultation. Mobile Application Software Development. Virtual Reality App Development: Website Development Services. e-Commerce Development Solutions. Network Operation Center (NOC). Designing NOC. NOC Environment. CCTV Camera Packages. Computer Accessories. Hot Line number +8801400400770, is open 365 days. Thank you.

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Touch us and feel the difference of our service.  Tech-Realm-Solutions-Limited. TRSL. IT-Business.  IT-Support, 
Information-Technology. IT-Business-in-Bangladesh. T-Consultant. Web-Developer. Domain-and-Hosting-Provider-in-Bangladesh. 
TRSL, Noc-Solutions. TRSL-Printer-Solutions. Lab-Installation, Software-Developer. Android-App-Developer. Game-Developer, 
Web-Content-Writer. Call-center-support. E-commerce, Office-atomization. ERP-Solutions.

Hot Line number +8801400400770

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