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ERP System

Direct integration

Database integration

Custom–Integration Solutions

Two-Tier ERP Software and Hardware development



Spiral Development

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Digital Art Or Digitization           

Installation (Setup)


An integrated management system



Knowledge and Technology

Lab Setup & Management

Lab Design & Maintenance

Lab Closeout & Decontamination

Management Information System

MIS Systems Analysis and Design:

System analysis 

Management System design 

MIS Object Oriented Analysis and Design:

Risk Management and Multi-Objective Decision Making:   

Bow tie Method Software 


The Bowtie method is a risk evaluation method that can be used to analyze and demonstrate
causal relationships in high risk scenarios. The method takes its name from the
shape of the diagram that you create, which looks like a men’s bowtie. A Bowtie
diagram does two things. First of all, a Bowtie gives a visual summary of all
plausible accident scenarios that could exist around a certain Hazard. Second,
by identifying control measures the Bowtie displays what a company does to
control those scenarios.

Office Automation refers to the varied computer ministry and software used to digitally produce, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information demanded for negotiating introductory tasks. Raw Data storehouse, electronic transfer, and the operation of electronic business information comprise the introductory conditioning of an office robotization system. Office robotization helps in optimizing or automating being office procedures.


The backbone of office robotization is a Lan, which allows druggies to transfer data, correspondence and indeed voice across the network. All office functions, including dictation, Typing form, copying, Fax, Telex, Microfilm and records operation, Telephone and telephone switchboard operations, fall into this order. Office robotization was a popular term in the 1970s and 1980s as the desktop computer exploded onto the scene.
Advantages are

Website Development Services:

Designing NOC

NOC Environment


List of our products and services

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